Bitter cold Landguard Fort

I somehow managed to convince Tracy that it would be a great idea for her to join me on a trip to Landguard, (not just so she could see where I seem to spend half my life at the moment :)). However, it was just my rotten luck that it turned out to be the windiest, coldest, and wettest (if you got caught by the spray off the sea), so she wasn’t that impressed, and I’m not sure she’ll go back again 😛
This time, I also turned my camera inland and at the fort itself, but I could only really muster some black and white renderings of the place. Perhaps I need a challenge to get some better images?

Anyway, hopefully this latest set of images will convey the conditions we endured… And no, I’m not becoming a twitcher! 🙂


Felixstowe Sunrise

I got up about 6 am this morning, hoping to catch a sunrise at the Tidemill. However, once I was there it soon looked like a damp squid so I decided to rush off to the coast, hoping I wasn’t going to be too late for the sunrise at 07:20. Once I got to Felixstowe, I had to decide whether or not to go for the Fort, or the main Pier on the promenade, but the fort was ruled out by the 20 min walk I’d need to get to my favourite place, so the pier it was. Perhaps I’ll catch a sunset at the fort tonight 🙂

Once there I was amazed to see more crazy people like me, only they were in the glass fronted gym that overlooks the pier; at least they were nice and warm in there 🙂

Anyway, here are the fruits of the mornings’ efforts, and I’m now off to have my shower 🙂


Landguard Fort again

Once again I headed off to Landgaurd fort near the Port of Felixstowe, in the hope of grabing some great sunset images as the sky was looking ominous and stormy.

I wasn’t disspointed, and found there were so many things to photograph in all directions, I didnt know what to shoot first 🙂
I was very lucky as all the stormy weather missed the penninsula, so me an dmy camera stayed dry, which is handy, as theres really nowhere to hide from the rain out there. I must remember to take a torch in future though, as stumbling across grassy dunes in the dark is not great on my anckles 🙂

As it was, I managed to grab images of some great looking boats sailing by, along with the storms in the distance behind the port and a jetty I never even new was there! This place is definately my location of choice at the moment, and Im sure more of its wonders will end up captured in my images…


Hunstanton Cliffs

I found these images buried on my hard drive from several years ago. I can remember the evening like it was yesterday, as it was the time I started to discover long exposure photography, which produces images that your eyes cannot see, such as silky flat water that mists over the rocks.

I remember I was so engrossed in the images I was capturing that I failed to notice the tide rapidly closing in and sealing off my route back to the promenade, which made for an interesting climb off the beach! It was also when I first discovered slipping and sliding on wet rocks in the quest for that golden image, something I have perfected over the years. 🙂


Back at the fort

I thought I’d take a trek out to see if I could find some more autumn colours in the local woods, but felt so uninspired by the location I’d found, that I headed off to my current favourite site, Landguard Fort near the Port of Felixstowe.
Although the light wasn’t brilliant, it did give me a chance to try out the new Canon 5DMkIII with some landscape, and I wasn’t disappointed. I spent most of the time shooting 2 minute exposures with a Big Stopper attached, and I was pleased with the detail and noise level the camera achieved. I also got to try out the cameras built in spirit level to help me keep the horizon as level as possible, saving me wasting image sizes with having to crop it later on.

I hope you like the images, and see if you can spot the ghost 🙂