Landguard Fort again

Once again I headed off to Landgaurd fort near the Port of Felixstowe, in the hope of grabing some great sunset images as the sky was looking ominous and stormy.

I wasn’t disspointed, and found there were so many things to photograph in all directions, I didnt know what to shoot first 🙂
I was very lucky as all the stormy weather missed the penninsula, so me an dmy camera stayed dry, which is handy, as theres really nowhere to hide from the rain out there. I must remember to take a torch in future though, as stumbling across grassy dunes in the dark is not great on my anckles 🙂

As it was, I managed to grab images of some great looking boats sailing by, along with the storms in the distance behind the port and a jetty I never even new was there! This place is definately my location of choice at the moment, and Im sure more of its wonders will end up captured in my images…



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