Balancing the exposure

It makes all the difference to balance the exposure.

How often have you seen a beautiful sunset and tried to photograph what your eyes are seeing? Sadly cameras don’t have the ability to see the dynamic range that our eyes do, and that lovely image is somehow reduced to either a landscape in silhouette, or a sky that is all washed out.

The only way to do the scene justice is to balance the exposure. This can be done in a couple of ways, namely taking multiple exposures and blending them later in Photoshop, or by using one or more Neutral Density Graduated filters placed in front of the lens. These filters are half grey and half clear and are designed to simply reduce the light from part of the image (usually the sky).

Even if you later enhance the exposure more in Photoshop, the filter will have allowed the camera to grab more detail for you to play with.


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