Wells next the sea

A few images from the archives of scenes I captured on a day trip to the North Norfolk Coast.


Back with the Martians

Yes I know I’ve been back to this spot tme and time again, but I love it 🙂
I did at least try and get some different viewpoints this time which I hope you appreciate. The tide was going out, so over the course of an hour, my viewpoint kept changing to stay near the retreating water. I was treated to a half decent sunset too, although now that the days are getting longer, the setting sun will soon be too far round to make many more sunset opportunities at this location. Time to think about doing some mornings me thinks 🙂


I thought I’d take a stroll along the marshes along the estuary of the river Deben at Old Felixstowe.
I didn’t get too far as I didn’t really have the right footwear for the extremely muddy conditions. I believe the area sis known as Kinsgsfleet and apparently this is the area of marshes and drained farmland derives its name from the fleet of King Edward III who assembled his ships here in 1338 before sailing against France.
I shall have to explore some more in the warmer months.

Low tide at my private beach

I deliberately coincided todays visit to Felixstowe sea defences with low tide, but I had never seen it as low as this. It was great, I had plenty of room to lay out a deck chair and a picnic, none of which I had with me, but I can dream of summer 🙂
I’m wondering if anyone else has even been this side of the defences, and whether or not I’ll one day bump into another intrepid explorer to share tales of slipping off rocks and getting wet…

High tide at the Sea Defences

Once again I found myself down at the sea defences at Felixstowe, and this time I was greeted with the highest tide I’d seen there yet. I was utterly fascinated to think that some recent images were taken the other side of the structures, on a small patch of beach about 8 feet below them.
I did get my feet wet getting some of these images, and in the interests of my camera equipment, I have learnt to not jump around too much in an effort to avoid it when a wave catches me out. Better to get wet feet and legs than destroy a camera 🙂
For this outing I managed a half decent image of the Pier.