Bucklesham sunset

A couple of images across a field a few miles from my home. Taken a couple weeks apart, the latter of which was a last minute spur of the moment rush out the door, as I saw the sunset developing. I’d love to grab a stormy shot of the same field.



The sky looked promsing this evening, so I rushed down to the river at Woodbridge to see what I would find. The only problem is that all the action happens behind me at sunset, and there isnt much foreground interest looking away from the river. So as it was low tide, I headed out onto the mud to see if I could make anything of the reeds pools, and er… mud. Not over the moon with the results compared to previous visits, but its always worth getting out there and enjoying some freash air.

Stormy skies

I had just finished dinner and saw that the sky was looking promising, but I figured I had about 10 minutes to get from home to the river Deben if I was going to get any images. Obviously without breaking any speed limits 🙂 I made it in time to capture some of the colour still in the sky, although I knew I had missed the best of it by perhaps 5-10 minutes. Nevermind, I am happy with the results, as I hope you are?

Easter sunrise on the Deben

I managed to drag myself out of bed this morning at 6am to see what I could make of the rising sun over the river Deben at Woodbridge. The conditions looked a little frosty and there were some decent breaks on the clouds, so I set of full of enthusiasm.
However, it wasn’t the most colourful sunrise after all, but I was taken by the tranquillity of the conditions, and the sound of a myriad birds singing as the sun rose. Even the presence of a churchy group belting out hymns at the riverside, could not break the spell, and I was glad I made the effort. Everyone at some point should make a point of experiencing a sunrise at a beautiful place like this; its another world.


I took these images a couple of years ago when we visited Cornwall. We were very close to this beautiful corner of the coastline, so I found plenty of opportunities to capture the fascinating rocks on the shore line, which I assume gave rise to the name or Portwrinkle?
Portwrinkle is a small coastal village in south-east Cornwall, England, United Kingdom. It is at the western end of Whitsand Bay five miles south-west of Saltash.
Portwinkle was traditionally a fishing village and the old 17th century walls of the pilchard cellars are still standing, although they have been incorporated into housing. The village has a harbour and two beaches are accessible from it. Although the village has no shops, apart from the beach car park cafe, there is a post office in nearby village of Crafthole.

I have included a couple of images from Landsend and Sennen Cove.